Sardinian born Pietro Porcu has brought his childhood experience of growing up on a farm in Sardinia, Italy to Melbourne along with all the ancient secrets of fine Italian dining. “My mother happened to be a glorious cook and my father, an amazing gardener,” says Pietro. “I have splendid memoreis of working the land with my family and taking care of the animals. Everything we ate was home produced and thus can thus imagine the flavours! I remember vividally at the age of 5, sitting in the shade of a large almond tree, my grandfather would teach me how to use Sardinian knife”.
At the age of 20 Pietro left Sardinia to travel the world where he found himself  in a Restaurant kitchen: preparing pizzas, cooking at a fast pace and washing dishes. “Why, I didn’t know yet,” says Pietro. “But I remember I was never happy with how other chefs would prepare their food so I did it myself!”

In 1988 Pietro opened his first restaurant in Amsterdam called “Da Noi”. “I had this strong passion to make a square pizza but my bosses would never agree with me, so I did it myself” says Pietro. “I named my restaurant Da Noi (At Our Place) because it is a reflection of an old Italian Taverna, where a lone traveller can come for a few hours to restore himself and leave the rest to us.”

Bringing this spirit to his now well established restaurant in South Yarra Pietro invites you to “leave it up to us. We will look after your dinner, just trust us and relax.”

Continuing the tradition of producing everything from the land, Pietro is often found roasting suckling pig on the barbecue for that night’s ad hoc dinner. Take a seat in the cosy art-lined dining room, enjoy a glass of premium Italian wine and then allow yourself to be indulged and looked after by the daily “feed me” menu.

Da Noi – The Gourmet Italian Restaurant in Melbourne


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